Are you a superwoman?

February 28, 2017

Are you a superwoman?

Have you ever noticed how you keep all those plates spinning and yet sometimes you still feel like you're not achieving? Well we're here to tell you that you ARE a superwoman, however much you don't feel like one. Read on to find out what makes you so super.

Juggling a career with children, a social life and everything else you have to fit in is not easy. Even on the days where you feel it's all getting too much, you still manage to keep everything going. Sound familiar? Well, you are a superwoman.

 Is it you who remembers every birthday, anniversary and address? Being the card and present-buying queen is enough to make you a superwoman alone, while remembering everyone in the household's likes and dislikes, when and where everyone's clubs and engagements are and when the rubbish and recycling needs to go out, not to mention the recipes you hold in your head, takes a superhero memory to manage.

With constant pressure to look good, even if that simply means dressing smartly for work, us women are superheroes when it comes to maintaining ourselves. Whether it's just fitting in a well-needed haircut, midnight ironing or buying new tights, keep ourselves looking good is a full-time job on its own! If this rings a bell, then know you are a superwoman!

With more than one person depending on you, it's important to stay healthy, but it's not easy. Once we get past 25, keeping the pounds off gets harder and harder and so does staying away from the tempting things in life. Whether it's worrying that the food we feed the family contains enough super-nutrients to getting down the gym to keep those dreaded pounds at bay or avoiding a glass of wine on a Monday night, keeping yourself and the family healthy is yet another unacknowledged superpower. This alone makes you a superwoman!

Have you ever noticed that it's you that seems to keep enough money in the float until the end of the month? From shopping in the sales to actually knowing the price of milk and where to look for budget holiday deals, we can bet that without your constant monitoring, the household finances would be running away with themselves.

 As you can see you really ARE a superwoman, in so many ways!

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